hi! my name is capucine, PRoj&ct GiRL, otherwise known as PG

welcome to my wonderfully, creative life in nashville, tn. i am mum to one (adulting hard) daughter who is an accountant & a boy, with fur & his own instagram (@homerthewondermutt). they are the catalyst & inspiration for everything i do in a given day. it's why i started my company, PRoj&ct GiRL consulting.

PRoj&ct GiRL consulting is about designing a better life through organization and art. creating a unique vision to enhance every corner of your surroundings, from de-cluttering to refurbishing, event planning to home transitions, we help you plan and execute. we also provide unique gifts from floral arrangements to personalized memorabilia. in other words, i say simply "we do things you don't know how to do, cannot do, or simply don't want to do."

if it's a project for you, it's a passion for us!

we have clients in tennessee, california, alabama, georgia, indiana, texas, washington dc and bermuda. we would love to add you to the roster. we work with out-of-state clients for travel & we provide consulting electronically. please contact us for more information.

PRoj&ct GiRL consulting began in april of 2010 & we have not slowed down. i graduated with an BA in fine art from belmont university & so lucky to have a job i adore. my friends & family always look to me for design/organizing ideas and i am constantly redesigning my home, the pgpad, with what's available. i am relentless in the pursuit of new challenges and seriously love a good before & after!

so, my "aha" moment was the day before PRoj&ct GiRL consulting became a reality. i am grateful for every opportunity my clients afford me, along with their trust to handle even the most delicate of details. check out the PG blog for lots of creative & i hope inspirational adventures for you to follow. 

thank you for joining me on this journey.

peace, love & gratitude.

xo, PG