clients who sent PG some love!

“5 STARS for PRoj&ct GiRL consulting!! PG helped me wallpaper my boring bathroom. it was a hard job, but i seriously could not have done it without you PRoj&ct GiRL!! my walls are now pretty!”
- ansley tonkin tillman

“bless you for your organization skills! got out my xmas decor yesterday!” 
- kellie hopkins

“i thought of you multiple times today. i did all of my dirty santa presents from my gift closet. i used up a bunch of boxes, christmas tags, christmas paper & christmas bags from the tub that you & i packed and placed in the attic. trying to get rid of things, trying to shop my closet. your voice is in the back of my head.”
- darla johnson

“shout out to capucine monk and PRoj&ct GiRL! i live in atlanta and recently had my apartment turned upside down. i called PG and sent lots of photographs. she was able to strategize with me, give me helpful tips, and boost my confidence for putting my apartment back together. i followed her suggestions, and without her i would definitely not be moving in the right direction. even if you live out of state & need organizational guidance, PG can still get it done.”
- berry mcnair

“nashville friends - the holidays (and all the busy-ness that goes along with them) are right around the corner. if you need a hand with christmas cards, party planning, decorations, flowers, organization/cleaning/sprucing up…give Proj&ct GiRL consulting a call! capucine monk (aka Proj&ct GiRL) is the best! i know b/c i’ve used her myself.”
- elizabeth antony

“5 STARS!!! Proj&ct GiRL helped me pick all my new paint colors for my house! love love love what she did! it looks better than i ever dreamed!!! thank you!!!”
- stephanie lowe

“PRoj&ct GiRL helped me pull off a birthday surprise for my husband. as a person with a not so green thumb, i knew i needed help. PRoj&ct GiRL took my sad covered patio and helped it realize its full potential with planters filled with flowers, herbs, lettuces and even strawberries. she added color, a table, even art, resulting in a beautiful, cheery, welcoming deck with a small garden. my husband always wanted to grow plants on the deck and said having everything planted and ready to go was one of the best presents he has ever gotten. a big thank you to PG!! you rock!”
- elizabeth kraft bleecker

“@project_girl you have the sweetest heart and are the hardest working woman i know!!”
- courtenay cline

“PRoj&ct GiRL helped plan, execute and run my daughters sixth birthday party. during the planning, she sat with my daughter and let her pick out activities she would like to do for the party, helped her make the invitations and pick out the decorations. PRoj&ct GiRL did it all and the girls had a fun birthday afternoon, as did the birthday girl. a big thank you to project girl for your hard work, creativity and organization! we loved it!”
- stacey mccarty

“wow! Just found your review section...let me pile on with 5 stars for energy, creativity, and amiability.”
- kim phillips

“i was fortunate enough to be snowed in with PRoj&ct GiRL! in the 5 days she spent here, she reorganized the pantry, rearranged furniture, hung art, involved my children in organizing their rooms, and moved my office into an underused room in our house. not only are we happy with the results, we are also inspired to do more! PG left suggestion lists in every room with ideas for restyling as well…”
- tricia patterson

“i used PRoj&ct GiRL when i could no longer imagine the daunting task of my guest bedroom. it needed to serve as storage/home office/bedroom....but you couldn't even see the floor or the furniture because it was being abused as a catch all. PRoj&ct GiRL came in, sorted, recycled, hauled off, organized, cleaned, redecorated (with what we had) and voila....I had a 3 function room with plenty of space for all purposes. she helped me get rid of some things that desperately needed to leave the building...but she didn't throw them away, she donated and recycled most of it....hauling it all over town for me. PRoj&ct GiRL rocks!!!!!!!!!“
- shawn aswad

“PRoj&ct GiRL consulting saved the day for christmas! my husband bought a LOT of gifts for me but found himself with a wrapping challenge that was daunting to say the least. PRoj&ct GiRL stepped in and not only got him out of a pinch but wrapped everything beautifully. the gorgeously presented gifts may have been the best part of our holiday decor! thank you, PRoj&ct GiRL consulting - can't wait to see what you come up with next”
- karen shell
“i used PRoj&ct GiRL consulting several times in december. i could not have gotten the ready for the holidays without them. they were busy every second they were here and great at pointing out things i could do to help my house be all the better. you name it they could do it, along with great advice. i am single and it is not easy to find trustworthy people to work for you and help you. this company ranks high on my list. thank you, thank you, thank you for PRoj&ct GiRL consulting!!!!!”
- lisa austin

“over the years, I have used PRoj&ct GiRL consulting for a range of projects -- recovering kitchen and dining chairs, redoing a garden area, rearranging rooms and more. i have been inspired, helped, amazed and oh so thankful -- amazing job(s) and attitude! is there anything PRoj&ct GiRL can't do??? i think NOT.”
- beth luna